THE REDESIGN OF SATANISM, 2006, SD video, 64 min, color, sound

HELL HOTEL, 2007, HD video, 31 min, color, sound
CONFESSION OF AGGRESSION, 2008 - not online yet
THE FOUNTAINHEAD, 2010, HD video, 11 min, color, sound

MENTAL RADIO, 2012, HD video, 42 min color, sound

EARTHLY POWERS, 2011, HD video, 38 min, color, sound

DER TOD, 2013, HD Video, 20 min, color, sound
BREED AND EDUCATE, 2010 - not online yet
TRAUMBERUF REALITÄT, 2009 - not online yet

NEVERLAND RISING, 2010, 30 min, color, sound
ACTION UNITES - WORDS DIVIDE,  2012 - not online yet

ACID & ICE CREAM, 2008, HD video, 13 min, color, sound

ORACLE, 2013, HD video, 7 min, solor, sound

V, 2015, HD video, 46 min, color, sound
Buried City, 2014, HD video, 29 min, color, sound
not online yet
Aleister Crowley (Oct. 12, 1875-Dec. 1, 1947) — however one judges him — was a fascinating man who lived an amazing life. He is best known as being an infamous occultist and the scribe of The Book of the Law, which introduced Thelema to the world. Crowley was an influential member in several occult organizations, including the Golden Dawn, the A.'.A.'., and Ordo Templi Orientis. He was a prolific writer and poet, a world traveler, mountaineer, chess master, artist, yogi, social provocateur, drug addict and sexual libertine. The press loved to demonize him and dubbed Crowley “The wickedest man in the world.”